About Our School

Be cheerful, be happy, and be energetic!"...both in learning and living

Hana International Academy makes your dream come true.



Hana International Academy welcomes students from all over the world. Our goal is to provide excellent Japanese language instruction and convey Japanese culture to those who will build our future, and to contribute to a coming era of global coexistence.
We help the young generation to enter universities or specialized schools to attain high level knowledge and technologies in light of strong potential of Asian countries.
We sincerely wish and believe that our students who acquired good command of Japanese will fly ahead to their successful future to build a new era and culture.

1、Education policy

Truly practical Japanese

①We help your dream come true with our strong educational philosophy.
②We help you cultivate the ability to think thoroughly, to make a good judgment, and to take action in today’s rapidly changing world.
③We teach common sense and good judgment.
④We help you become a true cosmopolitan in global community of 21st century.
⑤We help you enter renowned public and private universities and graduate schools which will provide you an established career in future.


①We are conveniently located near Ueno, blessed with quiet environment, new building, new equipment, and experienced teachers.
②We respect and assist individual student to have a wonderful school life by closely guiding academic and general environment.
③We have experienced instructors to teach truly practical Japanese.
④Our teachers are experienced in helping a number of students entering renowned public and private universities.